challenge # 10 burda

1 July 2017

The race after time continues, hard to reconcile all and to keep the time of creation… fatigue prevailed much in recent weeks, no motivation to sew or even embroider past 10: 00… and miss me it. I realize that it's… Continue Reading →

why I love making textile recycling?

10 February 2017

 Clothing recycling, I actually now for a number of years and I still love it… During my check-2016 and my projections to 2017, I write that I wanted to write about it in a broader sense.. We start today on… Continue Reading →

tunic boho chic

12 September 2016

Home not jealous… My son has had his tunic, here is my daughter a little Bohemian-inspired… The opportunity poking around in my collection of magazines burda and fall on that one. I wanted a simple model without too much fuss… Continue Reading →

child creativity

12 July 2016

Subject… vast creativity! how it come from? why this feature expands t – it more in some than others? What is this speaks? and how? And among children… all have an appetite natural in manual work of any kind? About… Continue Reading →

minsgame… 2nd month.

29 April 2016

As I said on my previous post, my sort is far from finished in the House… This picture is my second month, made at my own pace… I attacked in the kitchen and I found a mountain of plastic! with… Continue Reading →

week #4

18 April 2016

With a little delay, here is my last week of minsgame, followed at the end of a small balance sheet post. 22 / the last batch of wool… 23 / so there is ballot but I can no longer find… Continue Reading →

Week #3

26 March 2016

I keep searching my cupboards… I still clean… 15 / 12 cards (again…), an old envelope, an old photo, a box. 16 / pens who walk more, dried adhesives, gum, old card (I have twelve years on the photo!). 17/junk… Continue Reading →

week #2

19 March 2016

It went to this second week of Decluttering! 8 / embroidery magazines (that there have been given me…) and a book of sewing. 9 / lot of balls of wool. 10 and 11 / another batch of wool and an… Continue Reading →

minsgame #SEMAINE 1

12 March 2016

It is a long time I want to declutter my house, but I do not take the time to do or by small pieces… result closets are overflowing, it must store all the time… and at this moment I want… Continue Reading →

Welcome to my new home…

6 March 2016

After six years spent on AJAX, here I am with a blog brand new… You should know that I am a quiche in computer science and that create an interface on this platform would have been impossible without total assistance… Continue Reading →

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