upcycling #47 pouch vietnam

23 July 2016

Two friendly colleagues are parties recently under very different conditions… one wanted him but reluctantly, one identified as an old sock in less than two minutes (and then told bright world social where are applied a managing worthy of the… Continue Reading →

child creativity

12 July 2016

Subject… vast creativity! how it come from? why this feature expands t – it more in some than others? What is this speaks? and how? And among children… all have an appetite natural in manual work of any kind? About… Continue Reading →


3 April 2016

Times are tough… not always gratifying days at my job… Find it me so useful to me refocus as I can on what pleases me, inspires me, focus on personal goals coupled to objectives concrete about my work… Do things… Continue Reading →

use waterfalls…

10 March 2016

This is the dilemma of all seamstresses (and designers) who have accumulated a certain number of projects… what falls? This heap which is growing and which you never have the impression that this down… Emilie butterfly has found the solution…… Continue Reading →

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