Cat tunic

22 October 2016

During a short trip to global fabric, my daughter made me eyes when she saw this fabric with cat whiskers… She wanted a piece to do his stuff, well me I saw a top for her… Once is not custom,… Continue Reading →

burda #1 challenge

1 October 2016

When went me on the net, I had fallen several times on this challenge to sew a piece of the ongoing burda magazine… challenge not for me, I struggle to keep deadlines, I often put time "late bloomer" my projects…… Continue Reading →

upcycling #48… Sleepover fun…

5 September 2016

Here is a new installment in my personal challenge to recycle and sew a maximum of set aside business… I approach slowly 50 achievements! I relapsed in the ferry to jersey to sew a small set to my son. It… Continue Reading →

A second Belladonna

30 August 2016

The first time I've sewn this pattern was in 2013 and this had complicated… a poor choice of fabric from the start (too elastic and which itched horribly… In short I don't ever put it…), significant adjustments in the back… Continue Reading →

My first dress zephyr…

28 July 2016

It took me the time to look at this nice summer pattern sewing! Because I bought the last three bosses who emerged there is a lease! But here I had trouble finding a fabric that me liked and who fulfilled… Continue Reading →

upcycling #47 pouch vietnam

23 July 2016

Two friendly colleagues are parties recently under very different conditions… one wanted him but reluctantly, one identified as an old sock in less than two minutes (and then told bright world social where are applied a managing worthy of the… Continue Reading →

upcycling #44… the fish tunic…

22 July 2016

To fill a gap in the well-stocked wardrobe of my son (thank you gifts from girlfriends and grandmothers… purchases), I went looking for a nice fabric for my son… I did not go very far, a small jump in one… Continue Reading →

child creativity

12 July 2016

Subject… vast creativity! how it come from? why this feature expands t – it more in some than others? What is this speaks? and how? And among children… all have an appetite natural in manual work of any kind? About… Continue Reading →

Mayan blouse…

27 June 2016

Lots of free patterns flourish on the net these last time, which is quite pleasant and allows you to discover new brands… This pretty pattern made available in May with a contest to the key… and I obviously missed the… Continue Reading →

a fall blonde

13 June 2016

I wasn't sure you show that there… but now this wonderful time is that I carry more than what it should be and I watch you now and not in the next academic year! This blouse is a boss "delphine… Continue Reading →

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