Mayan blouse…

27 June 2016

Lots of free patterns flourish on the net these last time, which is quite pleasant and allows you to discover new brands… This pretty pattern made available in May with a contest to the key… and I obviously missed the… Continue Reading →

a fall blonde

13 June 2016

I wasn't sure you show that there… but now this wonderful time is that I carry more than what it should be and I watch you now and not in the next academic year! This blouse is a boss "delphine… Continue Reading →

upcycling #43

13 May 2016

My last recycling of the month of February, it was time that I there to deliver me a little to lower stocks and continue sewing the wardrobe of summer… I continue to sew for me at the moment, the wardrobe… Continue Reading →

8 May 2016


I stitched a shirt!

7 May 2016

I've deviated somewhat from my "makenine"… which will soon become "makesixteen" with the last purchased patterns, those who come out and which make me feel like… When deer and doe released his last three bosses, I fell for the three…… Continue Reading →

Hawthorn #1

29 April 2016

I have a dress of this form there in my dressing room. It is thick and heavy, shape empire waist knit… I love it and the very regularly… I could only love this Hawthorn, its comfort, its fitted… Dress selected… Continue Reading →

makenine #3

17 March 2016

When she pulled out her boss, I fell under the spell of these pretty cut front and back… There are endless possibilities to mix different colour/type of fabric/patterns… "Sin" is a comfort blouse or a light sweat, depending on the… Continue Reading →

makenine #2

6 March 2016

After a first version of Arum, here are two basic knit, to set and reset at this time. The first is mixed, certainly the viscose wool Jersey… the fabric is very fine and soft and extremely comfortable to wear… in… Continue Reading →

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