The race after time continues, hard to reconcile all and to keep the time of creation… fatigue prevailed much in recent weeks, no motivation to sew or even embroider past 10: 00… and miss me it.

I realize that it's really part of my emotional balance to have moments alone, me waving fingers and head on a creative project. Then I'll proceed somewhat differently and cut my projects in full of minis steps and check them off as you go and when. Like this, even 5 minutes on a mini action one night fatigue and too lazy, I wouldn't feel not that frustration and this creative lack.

I did like this on the project of the month, making a step a day:

  1. copying of the boss and adjustments on paper
  2. cutting of the fabric
  3. stitching the pleats at the shoulders, shoulders sewing, sewing of bias at the neckline
  4. Couture of other biases (armhole and parts sides), Assembly of the garment and hem
  5. photos!

Finally a "simple" top asked me quite a job in terms of time (or so I am really slow lately!).

I took one of my old magazines once again, this date of April 2015 I remember that quite a few seamstresses had been seduced and that some versions had hatched on the canvas, with the constructive criticism that go with…

I therefore held that the neckline was a bit too pronounced and that the top was frankly very short. So I automatically reassembled the cleavage of 4 cm and lengthened the bottom of 6.5 cm. I traced a size 38, enlarged to 40 for the hips. I took a drop in black viscose (from an old project that I often put since its realization) combining the fact of making a "portable" canvas and a desire to a top while sobriety and class. It is a model that requires fluidity for good fall anyway.

The realization

As written above, I sewed it in several stages and that gave me a lot of trouble is the seam of the bias returned to the level of cleavage at the forefront. Inside, it made me quite ugly finishes. In fact, I absolutely missed how to proceed in the explanations given by bubu. Anyway, I'll address this technical issue and try again with another fabric. Apart from this step (or I'm good remained 1 h 00, Gr…) the rest is relatively simple, with such slippery cloth so just take your time and put a lot of pins…

At the door, I for once chose the right size (it don't yawn around!), I feel good inside. On the other hand, I could still extend a bit the top because I made mini hemlines, otherwise it would have been too short…

I very want to my do wide trousers that fits on the magazine, all works well I think… but before I finish a certain "gaston" pants that gives me in trouble…


  • boss: top 103 of April 2015
  • size: 38/40, neckline back of 4 cases, top lengthened from 6. 5 cm. I add 3 cm for the next
  • fabric: fall of a former top viscose
  • techniques: installation of bias returned to a cleavage in advanced… to improve for better finishes
  • again? I find very nice model and it can quite get into the category of the timeless… So yes in varying fabrics…