I continue the exploration of the last ottobre (mag 01/2016, "tropical" dress) with the realization of this pretty little dress… looking at my stock of cloth jersey, there me are no many choices… peas or scratches (of the purchased long ago in fabric stop fabrics which are not of a good quality… and the stripes of the saint-pierre, a little better but not nor folichon market… note to myself, stop buying cheap fabric and aim higher…).

Having never sewn stripes (it is not completely crazy ca?), I thought it would be a good workout to make everything match. In addition handles are Raglan, if the stripes are not opposite one another we'll see it!

Army of my hundreds of pins and all my patience… I pinned each scratches to his promise, yes Ma'am! well it was long but it worked, admire the result!


It deserves a little dance of joy?

Well this is a great pattern, easy to sew and wear… only downside, it is just a little at the neckline, the head of my daughter just pass!

Model added to post gathering all my creations from my many ottobre magazine…