Magazines ottobre and me, it's an old story… until they arrive in France, I loved go look on their website their new releases. I love their presentation, the punchy, their models colors… But the explanations in English always slowed me as well as commands via the web… I to just recovered one, during an Exchange, dating back to 2007… and well I don't have nothing sewn with…

In 2013, when the magazine arrived in France, available in all bookshops… I bought it direct… as well as all others since… I admit, I have a nice collection, what dress my kids up to their 18 years! So yes, there is full of models in jersey, which forced me to me more and more, even without serger… It is the favorite of my children, they are comfortable, it's soft, this is the basis of their clothing…

I've been wanting to make a small summary on all of my kids ottobre magazines (Okay I have also accumulated those for women, we'll see it again!), associate each project published in good magazine. The fundamental idea is that they will eventually not make the figuration in the bottom of my shelf, at the price of the magazine it would be a pity!

As the next achievements I'll add them on this post…

Objective: that each magazine be used at least once… It is gone! a job!

-Tunic "pumpkin pie", size 134 borderless

-Dress jumper, size 122

-"sporty look" t-shirt, size 128

-Tee 'this and that', size 98

-Pocket tunic, size 128

-"Owl princess" t-shirt, size 128



"Carousel" t-shirt, size 128

-short "carousel", size 128

-"Tropical" dress, size 128

-Model tank top 20 'Xs and Os', size 104

Magazine October 3/2016

Magazine October April 2016