It is good sometimes to make a small comeback behind what you are doing… one of the particular reasons for which I would like a blog.

It's been several years now that I started to recycle old clothes to create new clothes and as I did not export products from my old blog, here's a recap of the 46 upcycling… attention long mega post!


1/a cache-coeur adult cut and customized size 5 years. She still has it in his closet, it is a garment that grew up with it, today it is more than a dress tunic.













2 / a sweater size 38 retaille in dress with adding a front pocket and festoons in hook on the sleeves.

3/a short blouse (given by a friend), cut in small blouse.

4 / a too small tunic resized in tank top.

5/a feminized Darling t-shirt…

6 / expansion of a too small t-shirt.

7 / feminization of a too basic t-shirt.

8/a t-shirt to me became too small intersected for my daughter.

9 / a Daddy t-shirt, pants of pregnancy to me… a set for my son.

10 / a too wide tunic… fabric recovered to a pretty summer dress.

11 / again a new set for him… It has grown since!

12 / a strapless dress given… gives a pretty skirt that turns.

13 / a shortened small top not flattering dress.


14 / of the customizations for the cousins…

15/one blouse too large cut and customized.

16 / a dress with a print of craziness recut in a skirt.

17 / the hem of the dress (see ¶ 13) serves me to make a dress for my daughter...

18/a Capri pants that deforms in a skirt.

19/a never implemented jacket cut for my daughter with lots of applications of fabric.

20 / I cut too big pants…

21/recut and recut a too funny sweater for my daughter.

22 / the dad t-shirts have found a second life…

23/one became too small sweater vest.

24/a sweater purchased in flea market become small dress.

25/still a sweater became vest.

26 / a shirt cut in "datura"…

27 / to the rescue of a colleague…

28/a retaille long coat dress adjusted.

29 / a change of sleeves.

30 / a skirt in pretty tunic for my daughter.

31 / a shirt adult size intersected in little model girl blouse.

32/one adult sweater sewed up in a tunic.

33 / a too small sweater sewed up in vest tie.

34/customization of a too gray jacket…

35/recycling of Basic for my daughter.

36 / a handmade dress cut in datura.

37 / a skirt size 38 retaille in 6 years.

38 / an intersected adult shirt dress.

39 / a huge dress in which I stitched three clothing…

40/a became boubou robe too fun!

41 / a Nightgown become small blouse.

42/a t-shirt size 38 retaille in 8 years…

43/patchwork of old t-shirts for a pretty dress.

44/a new t-shirt in basque for my daughter.

45 / the new t-shirt favorite of my son…

46 / a shirt become datura, again…


And though it gives the Staggers it all! go hop! on the job! I'm getting closer gently 50 achievements…