Here is a new installment in my personal challenge to recycle and sew a maximum of set aside business… I approach slowly 50 achievements!

I relapsed in the ferry to jersey to sew a small set to my son. It lacked of summer pyjamas all comfort and I didn't want to buy a…

I took the same pattern of tank top made in may, small basic easy to sew and to customize.

boss October in recycled clothes pyjamas

The broken white t-shirt has an old t-shirt for dad (very good quality jersey!) and the bias of a ribbed jersey bought at fabric stop necklines.

Frog stencil

To decorate the front of the t-shirt I innovated by using equipment bought years ago and of course never used.

The stencil comes from global fabric and is sticky (and reusable several times). I had an old pot of green half dry textile paint that I resurrected by putting some water…

My son loves the critters of all kinds, this could not only please him!

A second tank was soon cut in another shirt… without addition of decorations, drawing sufficient to himself…

boss October in recycled clothes pyjamas

Sessions photos with my son always being source of fun, here are the multiple poses he took (and I did put everything away!).

boss October in recycled clothes pyjamasboss October in recycled clothes pyjamasboss October in recycled clothes pyjamas

boss October in recycled clothes pyjamas

The small pants that accompanies the two tops has been cut from my grandmother viscose jersey pants. The boss, also fired from a magazine October, resumes details real pants in combining the comfort of the material. Details (false fly, front pockets and tacked on the back) and the fluidity of the jersey are that I've spent some time!

boss October in recycled clothes pyjamas

I added a little frog on the back of the Pocket for fun…

The choice of this material does pajamas. I think taking a thicker jersey 'effect jean' (as in the presentation of the magazine model), it would make pants perfect for school and running around!



  • Patterns: model 20 "Xs and Os" Magazine October 01/2016 for the tank top.

model 21 "arrow" of the magazine October 01/2016 for the pants.

  •  fabric: recycling of both the dad and Grandma pants t-shirt.
  • realization: longshoremen were very quick to sew. The pants a little less because there are plenty of small parts and the fabric was sliding a lot.
  • size: 104
  • again? the longshoremen will certainly be on the larger size again next year (because they are already a bit short). And the pants, if I find a most suitable jersey why not… for fun because we just give me three bags of clothes for my son, he's dressed for the winter!

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