The "capsule wardrobe" project of the month of may (late UM UM…) is short.. .piece that I don't have in abundance in my closet. I put only on weekends or vacation.

This model of the magazine "home victor" tempting me long before I turn to the Act, so it was an opportunity or ever!

Which had long stopped, what are the returns on the patronage of this model, including the two folds could be seen to appear on the front of the shorts once worn. I therefore used the tutorial of bee made to redesign the front fork and back and give more ease

After reflection, I did quite choose the right fabric even if the print I like very much… It's an ikea of an old collection cotton canvas. Cotton is too thick and stiff and at the door is not the most pleasant…

On the realization, I had a little trouble understand the buttonholes fly system (besides I put pressure!). I think also that he there yardstick error on seam margins to add on two pieces (H and I), I had a surplus of fabric.

Finally, the only big worry, and is not the fault of the boss, is that it is a bit small in size. I close it without worries but it compress my stomach and I already know that in the State I won't put it. I've obviously receding hair lines of sewing on the belt, so no way to recover a few millimetres because there. And of course more tissue to cross in one.

I have two solutions. Cut a slightly larger belt in black fabric (like the pockets) or insert on a part of the belt (in the back in the middle or at the level of the pockets) a wide black elastic… What do you advise me? for now I have put it aside until the motivation to resume.

This didn't stop me taking pictures brought, because the rest of the short falls impeccably despite everything…


  • boss: short scarlet of "victor House" magazine May/June 2015.
  • fabric: a big fall of the closet, a little thick canvas of ikea.
  • size: 40 but slightly small belt. A little ease to bring so that I get uncomfortable.
  • realization: there are two errors on the boss, seam margins do not put parts H and I. I also redesigned the fork to avoid the two ugly pleats on the front.
  • again? I hesitate… I have two shorts burda on the line to try maybe before doing this one…